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Who We Are


Snakehouse Records was founded by Snake Lucci in 2004 with the first three signed artists being Reali-T (now known as King Iso or Iso/ I Shall Overcome), MCE (Money Creates Enemies), and Snake (now known as Snake Lucci).

The first debut was Snakehouse Records Presents: The Reali-T Show which was King Iso's solo album in 2007 with features from Snake, a rock band called Capeheart (formally known as Haven 21), Cerebral Enoch, and many more which is available on for download. It is also available at Homer's Music (Omaha location or their website).

In 2009, (six months into Snake Lucci's incarceration) Snakehouse Record's second release, "Snake-River City" hit the shelves which was Snake Lucci's debut with features from QP, MCE, Reali-T/ King Iso, Titus & Bigg Sofa. "Face-Off" (chopped & screwed/ slowed & throwed) was produced by Reali-T/ King Iso and Area 8 Productions which consists of Arsonist, Moheeka and Joe Black. River City is available in stores at "The 402" in Lincoln, Nebraska, CD Warehouse (Lincoln, NE and Des Moines, Iowa) and Homer's Music (Omaha). "River City Reloaded" is officially released as a free download here on the site as a treat to all of the dedicated fans and anyone who didn't cop that "River City" album. "River City Reloaded" consists of the original "River City" tracks plus bonus verses from Snake Lucci via phone from behind the wall.

Shout out to C-Murder locked down in Angola Louisiana for blessing Snake Lucci with a shout out for "River City Reloaded." C-Murder appears courtesy of Bossaline Records/ TRU Records. Also featured is Snake Lucci's infamous "Tyga Diss" which went viral making Snake Lucci an instant internet sensation.

Originally Snake Lucci started out working with "Slim" of Versatile Records later to sign to a couple other localized independent labels and once realizing his career wasn't elevating, he later founded Ethnix Music Group with Ricardo "Soundz" Serenil and Derrick "Nemic" Stewart which later included Reali-T/ King Iso (originally then called Killa Rell), Infinite Space, The Maf (16 Barz/ E and Camel/ Poon), and Cartune with features from the rock band, "The Fonzerellis." Nemic moved to Oklahoma and the group separated in 2003/04 which is when the concept of Snakehouse Records developed. Soundz focused on school, but assisted Snake Lucci with his vision by engineering/ recording/ web-designing/ hosting and Reali-T/ King Iso sharpened his craft of producing beats and featuring on local artists music while Snake Lucci started the recording of what is now "River City" with production from Area 8 Production recording, "Kill The Radio", "Lyrical Ambush", "Don't Try", "Get Smash'd", and "Knocked Down" (plus "In The Club" and "On The Side" which didn't make the cut) then everything temporarily came to a screeching halt due to the incarceration of Snake Lucci in 2004 for parole violation for a 2002 attempted robbery, then in 2006 jumped right back into the studio with his first Reali-T/ King Iso produced beat to the song "Face-Off" which Snake Lucci wrote in the penitentiary.  Snakehouse Records went on to sign Camelot, K Bandit, MCE, Tae Bo, Dirty, Reali-T/ King Iso and in 2008 King Frost along with a dope producer by the name of Meeks.

Snake Lucci has been incarcerated for two separate drug convictions in two states (Nebraska & Iowa) run consecutively (separate) which landed him in the Nebraska State Penitentiary in August of 2008 then upon completion of Nebraska transferred to his detainer to Oakdale, Iowa (IMCC), then Newton (NCF), then Anamosa (ASP) and to Fort Madison Super-Max (Iowa State Penitentiary).  During the incarceration of Snake Lucci, Snakehouse Records has been in full effect and artists have branched out like King Iso with Brainsick Music/ Snakehouse Records joint deals and King Frost with Liquid Sound Records/ Snakehouse Records joint deals. 

Snake Lucci's beef with Tyga and Honey Cocaine over disrespect of Omaha rappers led to the recording of the "Tyga Diss" and C-Murders feud with the rapper 2Chainz over using "TRU" plus both being incarcerated and Snake Lucci being up for parole you can definitely expect to see more collaborations in the future because "real recognize real." There's a lot of frauds in the rap game imitating and perpetrating to be 100 proof. Snakehouse Records is going to give you that certified street element and at the same time keep it on a lyrical level full of punch lines & versatility with two classic releases: "Snakehouse Records Presents-The Reali-T Show" and "Snake-River City", plus "Snake Lucci-River City-Reloaded...Free Download!!!" You can expect much more from Snakehouse Records like "Snake Lucci-Blackberry Kush" & the group release, "The Campaign."  "The Campaign" is a group that consists of Snake Lucci & King Iso (Omaha, NE) & King Frost (Waterloo, IA). It will feature Snakehouse Artists Tae Bo, MCE, D-Ray "The Stunna" (doing life in Nebraska) and Omaha emcees plus production from King Iso, Area 8 Productions, Meeks & A-Major. "The Campaign-Savage Dreamz" COMING SOON!!!

Snake Lucci's solo album, "Blackberry Kush" will also feature production from Area 8 Productions, A-Major & King Iso with features from King Iso, King Frost and many more. 

With every Snake Lucci solo album, you can expect versatility with a punchline/ East coast flow and then flip it to that Midwest rapid, triple syllable flow on many tracks. You can expect a rock influence on at least a few tracks due to Snake Lucci's love for metal guitar sounds & you can expect at least one chopped & screwed/ slowed & throwed version of a rapid flow track at the end. Stay posted for updates on upcoming releases, tours, and free downloads.

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Mario Calloway 6657725
406 N. High St.
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Also, all aspiring video vixens send portfolios if you think you have what it takes.

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With the spot light on the Midwest, like artists out of St. Louis, Kansas City, Cleveland, and witht he drill music coming out of Chi-raq, Drillinois, you will hear music from a city that's slept on...Omaha, Neblastya from artisits like Snake Lucci & King Iso. Omaha "River City" is a gold mine& also full of so many twists & turns like so many other spots out there. The "O" is full of culture whether it's North, South, the Old Market, Mid-Town, Benson, East or West; this is a city you have to see for yourself & get the Omaha experience. Snakehouse Records is from the streets, by the streets and for those tru Hip-Hop heads that understand true lyrical content by true lyricists. Lyricism is a sport and we at Snakehouse Records plan to make it into your top five! This is just the beginning. Expect to see Snakehouse Record's artists performing at shows in a city near you. We pride ourselves in giving you the best live shows and making it an experience to remember!